I’m making a career out of Springs. It’s crazy, I know, but it’s something I really want to do. I love making people happy.  Do you want to help me make that happen? Well, keep reading! 😀

Artists used to be revered in society, but these days we are expected to work for free for decades for that slim hope that one day we’ll make it big.  We give people happiness or music or whatever, and if society feels like it, they may throw a little money our way… or maybe not, depending on how they feel today (And generally, society isn’t very generous these days). Unfortunately, a lot of artists are forced to give up, go to some job that doesn’t make them happy and watch their muse slowly die.

I don’t want to watch my muse die. I also don’t want to make it big, I just want to make a living, just like you. I want to make you laugh and ponder.  I want to make it my job to make your days a little brighter.  Do you want to help me? Here’s how to do it:


There is this new website called “Patreon”, it’s designed to fill the gap between “Starving artist” and “Miley Cyrus”,  It’s crowd-sourcing for artists.  You become a patron of Springs.  Join the site, pledge $1 a month, pledge $100 a month, whatever you think Springs is worth to you.  You set the terms.  It’s like a perpetual Kickstarter.  You can quit at any time, and you can set a cap so you won’t ever get overcharged.


All you need to do is head over to Patreon and click “Become a Patron” (Big orange button on the upper left side).

Thank you.  Sincerely.  I think this will bring about a new age for artists.  An age where we aren’t expected to suffer for our art and perhaps never see so much as a dime.  I hope that the old joke “You need to fake your death so you can actually make money being an artist” will become a thing of the past and when a child walks up to his parents (As I did some *KOFF* *KOFF* years ago) and says “I want to be an artist” they won’t look at me sadly and say “Well, just make sure you have a real job as well.”

—Guy Davis