Springs was a comic that I dreamed up in December 1999.  In February 2000 I set a goal of drawing 313 comics (one years’ worth of dailies) in a month.  If I could produce that many comics in a month, then perhaps this was the “job for me”, so to speak.

On February 1, I began drawing.  I knew that Peanuts was going to come to an end in mid February and thought there was still a need to fill a “cute character anthology” sort of design.  I modeled Springs after that to some degree, though I was going to take the strip in a different direction, one based more on science and space.  But the principals would be the same: An anthology of an ensemble of characters which had three panels of setup and one panel of gag.

On February 12, Charles Shultz died, and the next day, on February 13, the last Peanuts strip was published.  It was a real shock to me, but I plugged on.

On February 28th, I penned the last of my 313 “test strips”, proving I had the material (Though not all of the 313 were really GOOD per se…).

In April I selected the 30 best strips, redrew them to better art standards, and submitted them to the syndicates.

All of the syndicates unanimously rejected Springs.

For 11 years the strips lay in my archive, While I got my BS in Animation, the characters made a one-time appearance as a “Science Corner” which, though interesting for a college project, really wasn’t that good as a stand-alone concept.  So once again Springs went back into the cellar.

Then, on July 12, 2011 I was sitting around talking to my best friend when he brought up Springs again.  He said that of all of the projects I have done, this one really spoke to him.  He urged me to restart the strip, but this time as a WebComic.  I had never even considered it.

On July 13, 2011 I put up this site and began with the strips I had already made. Then I started on new strips.